Q: Can I track my order once shipped?

A: Yes you can. I will e-mail you with the DHL info once its sent.

Q: How do you ship the prints?

A: We use a dent resistant plastic tube that protects your print 100%.

Q: Can I order a custom size ?

A: With pleasure. Just call or write with your requirements and I will gladly quote.

Q: Can you sign the prints?

A: Just ask! I would love to and it doesn't carry any additional cost.

Q: How should I frame my print ?

A: In the case of prints they all need to be framed with glass.

    That will protect them from dust and environmental contaminants to make sure they will last a lifetime.

    In the case of canvas you should take notice that each one has an additional 2" on all sides to facilitate


    Just like a canvas painting it shouldn't be under glass. I include a protective UV varnish finish on each one

    to ensure a lifetime of color quality.

Q: Do I need to give any special care to my prints ?

A: None. Once framed they will last a lifetime, although it's always better not to expose them to direct sunlight.

Q: Can I put my prints in my backyard or by my pool?

A: Yes you can. If you plan on exhibiting your prints outside in areas exposed to more extreme conditions, I can print

    them on a different substrate with similar quality that doesn't require glass and can withstand these conditions.

    The cost is similar but please call or write for a quote.


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